Who is Abbi?

Abbi was born as a patron of one lost mind in order to help to find the way back to reality. The author of the book Theory of Relativity created Abbi to be leaded by her during his memory loss, which has begun due to impact of hectic life – stress, alcohol, disease. And now there is her – virtual, colourful and perfect to help you to manage the way of self-knowledge, success and others.

Agreement with Abbi

By employing Abbi, you get an employee who is never sick. The employee who never goes on maternity leave, never asks for higher salary and never has a mouth to your requirements. She always does her job according you vision. Abbi is the ideal employee who comes always in time and nicely colourfully suited up.

How does it work?

Abbi thanks to your regular support will become your virtual assistant. You can choose how should Abbi work for you. Your monthly contribution is going to serve as her virtual salary but physically it is going to help a good thing – help to fight with addictions.

Why to hire Abbi?

The endowment fund Abbigail Williams brings with itself a unique prestige and popularity. Join the group of special people – celebs, journalists, businessmen and politicians! We bring contacts which you were exactly looking for, advice and tips you were missing! By the way, if you help this praiseworthy thing and you hire Abbi, you will obtain an opportunity to decrease tax base according to taxation law (§ 15 a 20). Give part of you for responsibility of whole society. Join the phenomenon which is seemed. You have one and only opportunity to help those, who with their problems, have been ignored by society so far, but they deserve our maximum attention since how addiction problem grows across population.

What Abbi gets for you?

Abbi, as your employee, can offer practical countervalue for free instead of her salary:

  • Several million audition and access on social media of fund‘ projects – WellMind and MyStory
  • Professional analyse of projects and suggestion of marketing strategy

If you are interested in next co-operation, Abbi is able to ensure a list of wide service as a replacement of your help to addicts. Profit, Abbi earns for fund this way above donation, will again go to establish new projects of fund.

Also, Abbi is a graphic designer, as she is virtual too, she can ensure service of professional graphic team, create catching video material exactly according your imagination or suggest and create made-to-measure web sites.

Briefly, Abbi is a competent and versatile employee you just must have! She guarantees loyalty, reliability and accomplishing your plans. And she is a patron of the endowment fund with which you can help bunch of desperate people who has no idea where their life is going and who are ignored by society and who are thrown to the edge of a precipice of loneliness.
Abbi‘ salary is contribution for the endowment fund Abbigail Williams.