About us

At the beginning there was a book and publishing house Abbigail Williams public became its copyright holder. Theory of Relativity came out in 2018 and immediately started unusual acclaim and became a flag bearer for establishment of our endowment fund. Because even a bad example of one life could have positive impact on lives of others.

The endowment fund Abbigail Williams has a goal to fight with spread threat of lifestyle diseases – particularly of addictions (drug, alcohol) and with neglected weakness of all of us – which develops due to unhealthy lifestyle – with stress. You are never alone for your problems!

Abbigail Williams is becoming a phenomenon of a good example and strength. Don´t stay behind and stand up in the first line. Our strength and our influence are yours too.

Point of our fund is sharing life stories. It is important to be able to name a problem of today´s society correctly. Demonstrate on a bad example how to find out solution for our own hopeless situation. Show how many people it really has impact on. Because addiction is a disease. With raising number of addicts – raises a problem itself as also demand of adequate reaction rises up to. That reaction is foundation of our endowment fund and its activity. With all your strength join and solve the problem of our country, our West Europe civilization. Let´s take care and provide energy and financial help to those who need it. Yes, let´s not be blind and notice problems of whole world. Be a jug in a pail, not just a drop in a sea. We are not alone, let´s not try to solve unreachable problems, we cannot keep the power and won´t see the results. In our trying to „see the results” is too important. It motivates us, pushes us up and gives us energy. This is only way we can see and feel it at once.

Our primary goal, next to our programs’ activity, is to exactly inform our partners, to easily embroil in process and evolution of problems. Your desire to help costs basically nothing and brings you power on the market.

You don´t have to cut a piece from your economic pie nevertheless you can help! Law of our country allows to sponsor these kinds of projects, without ruining your budget. It´s just to decide! You can devote to praiseworthy activity in the same amount as to taxation system of our country and watch your investments really helping!

We are proud of those of you who help us to be helping, we can properly appreciate it. Your help is seemed thanks to us – in the projects and on the social media. We bring prestige and we will take care you are part of it.

We offer you to be part of elite society, full of businessmen, politics and others. We are not substitute of any business clubs. Clubs and associations are our strong partners, who we support through the agency of them we receive effective feedback. We are part of society who influences forming of society around us.

Finance; become a part of strength and power to influence the world. Our country has already reached that standard and wealth to be able to help and it is our duty. Duty which you choose yourself. We have power and want to share with you.