The world of advertisement and promotion

Our approach is leaded by a thought that marketing is not only a department where weird people who talk weird unintelligible language appear, and its door can be slammed. In our opinion, marketing is everything we do in business. Hence, whatever client´s requirement is, firstly we listen carefully, we ask a bunch of sometimes even importunate questions and most importantly we offer regardless of who understanding in his/her business plan or project in its complexity. Although, it´s little paradoxical, the most important part of our work we provide completely free.

In creating of recommendations and setting marketing strategies together we follow very useful aid: a model SEE-THINK-DO-CARE, which was launched by Avinash Kaushik in 2013.

choose from our packages the one which suits you the best

Package 1.

For the right and effective marketing strategy it is important to be able to listen. Get to know exact goals and plans of a client and give made-to-measure service. Good campaign depends on possibly most detailed base and imaginations supplied by customer, which we will precisely bring to perfection.
Quality of campaign also depends on rightly set up analytic settings, which are able to define target users better, help with who uses and searches websites and service and set up basic key words. Within these it´s possible to increase effectiveness of marketing strategy by many per cents and increase range of users several times.
Everything comes from consistently interpreted analysis.

Abbi will guide you in online world and successful marketing. We can listen. With Abbi we will set the right strategy for your project together.

The main content of the package is:

  • Defining goals, resources and demanded outputs
  • Analysis of used settings in network Google
  • Analysis of searching results in network Google
  • Analysis of interaction with social media
  • Analysis of other measuring and analytical tools
  • Main recommendation in a field of strategical marketing in online environment
  • Main suggestions of key words
  • Main suggestions of adverts’ content form
  • Main recommendation for SEO optimization

Package 2.

The identity in these days is an indispensable and essential mover of marketing. Only with an easily memorable, well distinguishable and interesting identity – customers have conscious about the brand and better look for it. All big corporations build their business on the unmistakable identity which helps them move along in many things. Quality of processing the identity and to that related web design is the heart of online marketing and the stepping stone of thriving trade. The basis is a properly created logo in combination with an apt slogan, call for action and notification. Then it´s needed to set a product portfolio and compose everything with producing Google accounts.

Abbi will create (not only) a new identity for you. We will find that right brand for you. Abbi knows the identity for you!

Creation of the new identity for online environment:

  • Creation of a virtual business brand
  • Creation of a logo
  • Creation of visual identity of the brand
  • Creation of design – manual of the brand
  • Creation of a product portfolio according to business terms and conditions of a client
  • Registration of domain, webhosting, mailboxes
  • Creation of accounts in network Google

Package 3.

Within well-made identity it is already possible to work and apply on more and more people and potential customers. Though the brand must be tightly pushed to the conscious of general public, to which several useful options can be used. The basis is well-created web site. Fine web site can save you not small amount of money for promotion and can help you attract bunch of new potential customers. Nowadays the other mover of marketing is social media, for example Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and mainly Facebook. A successful key to become visible are properly made Facebook accounts which keep bringing interesting facts and information and stay in touch with clients – hot new products, photo posts from events, competitions and others which can be reached by a direct link from web sites. The key is to be 24/7 online with the client thanks to chatting apps and sharing and let him know you are always here for him. In result, to connect all the accounts and users. To have an exact overview about range of users and potential customers it is convenient to place right analytical and administrative settings. Everything within principles of SEO and using remarketing.

Revival of the new identity in online environment:

  • Creating of a website:
    • Fully responsible
    • Aimed at conversion
    • Adjusted according to the strictest requirements of SEO
    • Ready for contact – gaining
  • Foundation, implementation and adjustment of analytical and administrative settings:
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Google My Business
    • Google Ads – including measuring of conversion and scheduling remarketing lists
    • Heat map
    • Event. (others according client´s demand)
  • Interconnection with social media:
    • Creating a Facebook account
    • Creating accounts – Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Creating an account for Facebook Business Manager
    • Facebook Analytics – including setting of FB pixels, measuring conversion and setting up remarketing lists
    • Signing up for Facebook page
    • Connection of social accounts with web sites
  • Expanded:
    • Placing FB messenger as for live support
    • Creating Chat-bot

Package 4.

For effective online and offline marketing it is important a right promotion on all the levels. To be easily and quickly found by users it is needed to evaluate and set key words. Then, to make up an easily memorable slogan, which buries itself into memory and which describes essence of the stuff. The ideal campaign will afterward be visible on Google network using Google settings, on Facebook, on Instagram and on LinkedIn. We will create catchy web banners right according to your imagination and according to parameters of certain platforms, since each platform support different forms and allows different types of adds. We are good in this. We ensure reach of users who definitely notice the campaign. With measuring codes and due to defining range of potential customers we can effectively create dynamic remarketing for later renewal of following promotion campaigns.

Preparation and realization of strategy of online promotion of a brand:

  • Structure and placing preparation of commercial promotion in searching Google network:
    • Defining of key words
    • Creating of commercial slogans and ad’s text
    • Creating of expansion for:
      • Under-site
      • Structured passage
      • Calling
      • Phone messages
      • Or else location and others according to client´s demand
  • Preparation and realization of commercial promotion in content Google network
    • Creating of graphic banners in all 20 sizes according to Google network requirement
    • Creating of graphic banners for responding adverts in sizes according to Google network requirement
    • Making up video presentation according to Google network requirement
    • Placing campaign in content network
  • Preparation and realization of commercial campaign on Facebook and Instagram:
    • Creating of graphic banners in all sizes according to Facebook´s requirement
    • Creating of commercial set according to a product portfolio of a client
  • Preparation and realization of commercial campaign on LinkedIn:
    • Creating of graphic banners in all sizes according to LinkedIn´s requirement
    • Creating of commercial set according to a product portfolio of a client
  • Creating a range of users and visitors of website based on activity of measuring code
    Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console and Facebook pixel.
  • Defining a range of potential clients based on gained information and an usage of these ranges in dynamic remarketing

Package 5.

Details matter. We know how important tiny graphic details are, and that even a line can change the whole meaning. We are able to ensure the best for your campaign. Exactly according to your requirements, we will create visually nice pictures, but also videos and texts. Even though the best add is the one spread by society itself, but sometimes there is a need of a little or maybe even a bigger help. Significant is that teasers are visible on all available platforms. This is an important marketing move even for a case that client is not looking for any of supplied service, but he could in future. For working promotion out, it is convenient to analyse needs of following campaigns as are – target groups of addressed people, key words for searching, a reach that promotion should gain.

Promotion materials:

  • Creation of the complete graphic base according to client´s demand
  • Creation of the complete video base according to client´s demand
  • Creation of the complete text base according to client´s demand